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The Islands

Hawaii, the 50th state in the Union is so many things, where does one begin? Yes, it is part of America, but it is also a part of Polynesia, both geographically and ethnographically. It is an archipelago made up actually of hundreds of islands. Hawaii is the youngest state in the Union, but it also a former kingdom that stretched back for over a thousand years.

Honolulu med resThe state makes up essentially the entire volcanic Hawaiian Island chain–hundreds of islands spread out over 1,500 miles (2,400 km). Lying between 22 and 19 degrees south latitude Hawaii is the southernmost region of the United States. At the southeastern end of the archipelago, the eight “main islands” are (from the northwest to southeast) Niihau, Kauai, Oahu, Molokai, Lanai, Kahoolawe, Maui and the Island of Hawaii. Hawaii island is the largest and is also known as “The Big Island” to avoid confusing it with the name of the state as a whole.

Hawaii over all has a warm, tropical climate, but contains amazing climatic diversity–from parched, sun drenched deserts, to lush rainforests (some of the wettest places in the world), to frigid mountaintops. In fact the Big Island (Hawaii) with its towering volcanic summit, Mauna Kea, contains all but two of the climate zones found in the world.

Oahu med res darkerHawaii’s diverse natural wonders,tropical climate, spacious public beaches, and active volcanoes make it a fascinating place to explore, learn and experience. Hawaii has a vibrant culture, originated by Polynesians, or native Hawaiians, enriched over the years by peoples from England, America, Portugal, Asia, and the Philippines to name a few. The aloha spirit of acceptance, respect and hospitality continues its warm embrace of peoples from everywhere. Hawaii is so many things, perhaps it is best summed up by one word: “Aloha!”

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