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Hawaii Advertiser

Hawaii Advertiser

Want to promote your business in a high quality fashion before a rapidly growing, upper income audience?

Touch Hawaii is uniquely qualified to get your business, service or attraction on the islands seen and growing!

Multiple opportunities are available with Touch Hawaii to increase your organization’s visibility,with custom videos, display ads and product placement, tailored specifically for the visitors you are targeting. Choose our diverse subject matter to match your target audience,  e.g. geographically: all islands, Big Island, Maui, Oahu, Kauai and more; or by category:  attractions, lodging, culture, events, etc.

Touch Hawaii is also a unique online experience in that it is media rich. Numerous high quality short videos, articles and original photos are continuously being added to the website, tailored specifically to the needs and tastes of island visitors. Marketing research shows today’s consumers highly prefer videos and photos to heavy text content and sales jargon. So we’ve  designed Touch Hawaii  to be full of fun and informative editorial content that creates a perfect environment for advertising and low key product placement for your organization.

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Real estate is also a resurging sector that is helping bolster local economies and communities. Touch Hawaii is developing key partnerships with local brokers to offer a stunning array of unique properties, from vacation rentals to primary residences, to high end, luxury properties.

You will be pleasantly surprised to learn how affordable a high quality, custom video for your organization can be and the growth possible for your business or organization, partnering with us at,

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Contact Us Today for More Information! Call 808-664-3822 or email contact@touchhawaii.com


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Welcome to Touch Hawaii! Here you’ll discover practical tips and inspiration to plan your next adventure throughout the Islands. Here you’ll find interesting articles, short videos and rich imagery covering the key natural wonders, beaches, cultural attractions and accommodations that you’re looking for. Learn about the history and hear stories of unique special places from the colorful, local folk who keep Aloha Spirit alive.

If you want to read a lot about Hawaii, buy a book. If you want the best opportunity to see, hear and touch Hawaii before you go, please explore our website. Aloha from Touch Hawaii!

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