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Road to Hana

Road to Hana

Road to Hana Road to Hana

The road to Hana is not for you if you are the kind of driver that just wants to get to your destination as fast as possible. Plan often to enjoy waterfalls, scenic lookouts, roadside fruit vendors, and hiking trails. National Geographic Magazine considers these 52 miles with 59 bridges and 620 curves one of the most scenic drives in the world. Get your motor running early, pack a lunch and don’t forget your camera with an extra battery. Hanawai Falls at mile marker # 24 and Wailua Falls at mile marker #45 are a must see for the camera happy visitor. The entire road weaves through a tropical rain forest and ends in up country Maui where the terrain  changes dramatically into grassy rolling cattle country.

Road to Hana

. Be sure to get some banana bread at Aunt Sandy’s

About halfway on the Road to  Hana near mile marker is the Ke’anae Peninsula. It’s definitely worth a the drive down to the ocean side village. It is romantic and beautiful there, but living on low elevation has its risks. A big tsunami wave wiped out the village in 1946. Only the Lehowa Ona Kaua Church survived. Ke‘anae is home to family fruit stands and taro patches. Be sure to get some banana bread at Aunt Sandy’s.





Just ten miles beyond Hana are the pools at Oheo Gulch.known as the “Seven Sacred Pools.” This is a great place for the entire family to enjoy a refreshing swim. A mile beyond the Seven Sacred Pools is the grave site of Charles Lindbergh, the aviator who was the first to fly solo non-stop from New York City to Paris. His grave is located behind the Palapala Hoomau Congregational Church where he was buried in 1974.
Most rental car contracts ask that you turn around at this point (the site of Lindberg’s Grave). The road to Hana is good if you decide to continue but if you do breakdown you are in a remote location that may have no cell phone coverage to phone for help. Enjoy this amazing road to Hana and tell us what you like most.

Seven Sacred Ponds

Oheo Gulch.known as the “Seven Sacred Pools

Lindberg church

Charles Lindberg’s grave is located behind this Palapala Hoomau Congregational Church where he was buried in 1974.

Road to Hana

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